Your safety is a main priority. Here are some important security tips to keep in mind:

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Your safety is a main priority. Here are some important security tips to keep in mind:

One of the major challenges facing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in Ghana is extortion and blackmail. As a result of punitive laws, homophobic attitudes and practices, as well as lack of protection for LGBT Ghanaians, persons belonging to the community continue to experience security and safety challenges. Blackmailers access various LGBT online platforms to target and blackmail them. Victims are normally lured to a place, stripped naked, beaten and robbed.

Some of the cases include a premeditated violence where the violence is committed and recorded in camera. The video is the broadcasted on social media to garner likes and to encourage more violence against LGBTQ+ persons.

Gay dating sites such as Grindr, Romeo, Hornet, Scruff, Adam4Adam, Blued and others have many people posing as gay men, but in reality, they are blackmailers looking for people to make their next victim. Some even pose as foreigners on these gay applications. Be cautious, as most of them are scammers and blackmailers. 

Also, be cautious of strangers who contact you on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. 

On the internet, no place is too safe to play. Not every person you talk to on apps or social media is gay or real. Don’t go asking strangers on social media if they are top, bottom, or versatile. This will only expose you to danger and trouble. 



Sending Photos

A young Black transwoman looks at her reflection in a bathroom mirror Photo by Zackary Drucker as part of Broadly’s Gender Spectrum Collection. Credit: The Gender Spectrum Collection.
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No matter what, do not send a naked picture with your face to people. It is unsafe and may expose you to danger or threats. You could send a normal picture when the need arises but – take precautions. 



Video Calls

A young Black woman lying on a couch looking at her phone with earphones on Photograph by Joyce Busola

The worst thing you can ever do is a video call with strangers – especially being nude in camera. Don’t do it. Imagine you are nude in a WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype video call with someone you don’t know. Unless, you have an agreement and generating income from it, beware that it is easy for the other person on the call to record it and use it against you. 

Also, do not say ‘gay things’ on calls or video calls with people you do not know well. Imagine you are in a video talking about gay sex and roles, but do not know you are being recorded. People can easily edit a video to cover themselves; leave you exposed and use the video to blackmail you.

Between a video and photo, go for a photo because it is a still image, while in a video you are not only seen either naked or maybe dressed, but also saying ‘gay things’ that blackmailers could use against you.



Live Video on Social Media

Take precautions before you go live on video. Bad people could easily track you down with the location shown either on Facebook or other platforms. Again, take these precautions seriously to avoid being the next victim of a blackmail case or being abused in a viral video.



WARNING: Nude Video Calls and Self-Recordings

With the introduction of video call platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Instagram, Blued, Grindr, etc., many people are using them without taking precautions.

Unfortunately, your video calls can easily be recorded and used against you by other people.

You may have a nice body and camera, unless you are generating income from it, do you think it is safe to record your naked body and sexual activities and post them online? 

Please note that if someone gets hold of your phone and sees those videos, they could use it to blackmail you. 

And if you are thinking of releasing your own pornographic videos, note that you are exposing yourself to danger. If you are not careful, your videos will end up at porn sites and can be there forever.

Take precautions during video calls. Stop recording videos of your naked body and releasing them online. 

Take these warnings seriously!


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