Queen’s Adam Lambert believes Freddie Mercury’s LGBT lyrics are still relevant as ‘there’s a long way to go’

Feb 19, 2023 - 01:15
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Queen’s Adam Lambert believes Freddie Mercury’s LGBT lyrics are still relevant as ‘there’s a long way to go’

Adam Lambert discussed his own take on Freddie Mercury’s lyrics before revealing Queen have some surprises up their sleeves for their Las Vegas residency.

The 36-year-old believes that a lot of Freddie’s thoughts from the 70s and 80s are still relevant to the LGBT community, and feels the group still have a long way to go.

Talking to Metro.co.uk he revealed how it is important to him to represent the community as he is extremely proud of who he is.

Adam said: ‘There is definitely still a long way to go. We have definitely come a long way, but homophobia is still an issue.

‘I think lots of the lyrics in lots of their songs are still relevant today – I think that’s one of the reasons people still relate to those songs so strongly  – that’s why we call them The Crown Jewels.’

When asked how he personally tries to tackle the issues surrounding homophobia he said: ‘By being myself and being open and raising awareness wherever possible.’

Adam will be joining Queen for their The Crown Jewels Las Vegas residency and has teased that the group will be throwing in a number of surprises.

The band is hitting their ten-day residency fresh from London’s O2, where they put on an incredible tribute to Freddie, playing hits from throughout the decades.

And although fans thought it couldn’t get any better, it looks like it can as Lambert revealed they’re going to be doing something slightly different for their show.

He said: ‘I’m excited about Vegas! We are going to change up the show a bit, a couple of surprises in store and also it will be fun to play in a more intimate venue too.’

The singer then went on to reveal how surprised he was that they’d managed to sell out two shows in London, especially with playing there only a few months beforehand, revealing he takes nothing for granted.

He recently released some backstage footage of his London show and spoke about how Freddie has inspired him through both music and fashion.

In the clip he reveals: ‘In a way he [Freddie] is living forever because we’re still singing these songs we’re still reminding the fans of Freddie, Freddie makes appearances during the show and we talk about Freddie.

‘He is living on through his contributions through his art, and that’s one of the biggest treats about being able to do this.’

The video then shows Adam in his dressing room going through his wardrobe and claiming to have taken inspiration from Freddie.

But it’s not just Freddie Adam is filling the hole of, as he also replaced Paul Rodgers back in 2011 when he joined the band.

Despite Rodgers working on new material with the band, it looks as though Adam will be sticking to Freddie’s tunes as he claimed: ‘It’s a live relationship.’

But that doesn’t mean to say he they won’t be working on side projects, as he has already collaborated with Brian May on his last album.

And despite there being no Queen dates confirmed following this tour, Adam reassured us that they will almost certainly be back out on the road in no time.

He said: ‘I’m sure there will be [another tour] but I don’t know yet– we don’t really plan ahead.’

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